No Soap…

This past week we spent time out in another one of the four communities Hands at Work supports in Malawi – Mncheneka Community. It would have to be the largest community we have visited so far. So large that it is broken into 4 regions, of which 3 are running their own Care Centres which include a Nursery School and a daily feeding point (the fourth area are currently doing home visits, but have yet to start a care point with a feeding program or a nursery school). To give you an idea of the distance, the first day we

A few thoughts from Maonde Community Stay

As is our routine here in Malawi, Tuesday through Thursday each week we head out to stay in one of the Communities. This week Maonde, approx 22km from Dedza, was our destination. The journey to Maonde comprised a 40 min taxi ride to the junction, and then a 1.5hr bicycle taxi from the junction to Maonde. This was our first ride in an African taxi. That in itself was quite the experience! Think a mini van, that in Australian standards would likely not pass rego, that they then cram with people, probably 20+ people before we can begin the journey.