Changing the world one spreadsheet at a time

The old saying is, “time flies when your having fun”, right? 🙂  As I look at the calendar it’s hard to believe I have already been in Zambia for over 2 months!  I don’t know where this year is going. Now that I have settled into Zambian life and my new role, I thought it time to give a bit of an insight into my daily role and life in Zambia. The community here in Zambia, is much smaller than the community we have in South Africa, meaning I find myself day by day getting involved in more and more

Scars – hurt or hope?

Growing up in the Australian sun with very fair English-type skin I have my fair share of freckles and moles of which I had 3 potentially dangerous ones removed.  As a result I have scars.  A visible reminder that I need to be careful when I go out in the sun, I need to cover up, I need to wear my sunscreen. These scars are visible reminders.  But I also have inner scars from wounds less physical, from times I have experienced situations I don’t understand, from hurts from broken down relationships, for times when I have felt betrayed, abandoned,