My new home – Kachele Farm

Here are a few pictures of my new home in Zambia.  We live on a farm property that was an old chicken farm.  Its absolutely beautiful and peaceful and I am very much loving it!  It about a 20 minute drive to the nearest town Luanshya, and 30-40 minutes to a bigger town Ndola.  I made my first drive into Ndola on Wednesday and I am pleased to report I only got slightly lost 😉  lets just say directionally challenged!  Our office This will be my new room next week.  Its newly constructed and having the finishing touches completed.  We

Finding purpose in the delay

I arrived to my new home in Luanshya, Zambia last night at 11pm after 8 days travelling on the road from SA.  Rather than fly from SA to Zambia (that would have been too easy right? 😉 ) I was offered the opportunity to travel via road with James one of our key Zambian leaders.  We needed to purchase 2 vehicles for Hands at Work in Zambia, of which imported second hand cars from Durban in SA prove to be the best value option for purchasing vehicles, and so last Sunday I took the 9hr bus ride to Durban to

The next chapter begins

I was frequently greeted with the remark during my 5 weeks home this past couple of months, “wow, has it really been 12 months already?” Yes it has! It’s now actually almost 14 months to be precise, and I feel the same sentiment. In some respects I feel like I have been living and serving in Africa forever, and in some way it also feels like I am still just finding my feet here and still have so much to learn. Alas, I had a wonderful, refreshing time back home. My heart is truly full from all the love, from