Me, myself and I

We live in such a culture of ’SELF’ in the developed world.  I know firsthand, I have grown up in it.  From the time we enter the world, as children unable to understand or comprehend the world around us, we are bombarded with messages from society, media and culture to look out for number one, to do everything you can to help yourself move forward even at the expense of others, a very individualistic mentality of me and I, with phrases like if I can just get this, and if I can just do that, and if I… you get

Returning to the Warm Heart of Africa

There really is something quite special about the first African country you spend a significant amount of time in.  Fresh off the back of arriving in South Africa last year and completing 5 weeks of orientation, I was sent out with one other volunteer to live in Malawi for a month.  We had no work agenda for our time there.  Our purpose was to build relationships with our local office team, walk in the communities and really just to observe and learn; to talk little and listen much. To understand the challenges our team, the communities and our children face