One by One

I posted a picture on Instagram a number of weeks ago. We were walking to a Holy Home Visit in Miswa community (one of our Kabwe communities), and one of the siblings we were walking with was carrying a box of food to take to their brother who was sick and unable to come to the care point that day. The situation we found in the home that day really broke my heart, and I wrestled deeply for days and weeks with what we saw and heard trying to process the injustice, the desperate vulnerability, the hopelessness and pain we

An evening in Baraka

We jumped in a local taxi to head out to community, only to realise as they clutch started the vehicle to get it running that it was not in great condition. 20 minutes into the journey we got a flat tyre, and thankfully the driver had a spare, but no jack. We climbed out of the vehicle and the 2 male passengers in the taxi proceeded to lift the vehicle while the driver tried to change the wheel.  This was not so successful. On a road in the middle of nowhere, thankfully a truck came past after only a few

Katanga’s story

“Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them. You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed, so mere people can no longer terrify them.” Psalm 10:17-18 (NLT) As we were driving into the community yesterday, I noticed a small girl and boy holding hands and running towards us to meet the vehicle. The girl, slightly older, was pulling the boy along, and she pulled just that bit too hard and he fell flat on his face. She helped him get up quickly, dusted him off, and they proceeded to

A day in Chibuli…

I felt really expectant as I jumped in the car with Reuben on Thursday to head out to Chibuli community for the day. Each time I am heading out to the community I do try to prepare my heart and pray that God will lead and guide the day, and that I will be open to see what he has for me to walk in on that day. Some days this feels more evident that others, and our day in Chibuli this week was particularly special. I want to share with you 3 stories, or rather what I believe were

Drought Crisis

“I planted 12 meda of soya beans, I expected to harvest 18-20 x 50kg bags, I only harvested 2 bags.” “I planted 20kg of maize seed, I expected to harvest 60 x 50kg bags, there is no harvest, the rains just didn’t come after I planted.” “I planted 15kg of maize seed, from planting the same amount of seed last year I harvested 32 x 50kg bags, this year I only harvested 12 bags.” “I planted 15kg of maize seed, from planting the same amount of seed last year I harvested 32 x 50kg bags, this year I only harvested