A road trip, a wedding and a very big swing

After Celebrations had finished it was time to depart Zambia to head back home to South Africa, this time via a 4 day road trip through Zambia, Botswana and back into South Africa.  To make the most of daylight driving hours we hit the road at 5am on Thursday morning.  A lunchtime stop in Lusaka consisted of my first espresso coffee in 7 weeks (it was AMAZING!) and a final taste of the best gelato in Zambia (and possibly Africa entire) from Gigibonta’s (Big call I know but that is just how good the gelato was!!  I can only hope

Celebrations in Zambia

Let us love, because He first loved us 1 John 4:19 From Malawi we hit the road for a two day bus adventure to travel to Zambia with the Malawi Service Centre Team.  The two day journey was quite the adventure in itself combining taxi’s, mini buses, missing team members, negotiations at the border crossing, many a hectic bus terminal and a 3am start for a 4am departure on the second day, to arrive in Zambia after 14 hours in two buses on Sunday evening.  It was quite the journey!  I am appreciative of the experience and I definitely have some

Malawi Unpacked

Having spent the past week and a half in Zambia (attending the Hands at Work Annual Celebrations which have been incredible and will feature in the next blog post), I have found some timeout to reflect and process some more around my time in Malawi and just wanted to take the opportunity to share some final thoughts. For our last community stay in Malawi, we spent time in a community called Chinku.  This community is the furthest from town, approximately 60km, so the 2hr+ journey consisted of an hour in a taxi, followed by just over an hour on motorcycle