My new home – Kachele Farm

Here are a few pictures of my new home in Zambia.  We live on a farm property that was an old chicken farm.  Its absolutely beautiful and peaceful and I am very much loving it!  It about a 20 minute drive to the nearest town Luanshya, and 30-40 minutes to a bigger town Ndola.  I made my first drive into Ndola on Wednesday and I am pleased to report I only got slightly lost 😉  lets just say directionally challenged!


 Our office


This will be my new room next week.  Its newly constructed and having the finishing touches completed.  We stay in one half of this building. Alice (an awesome volunteer from the UK) will be my roomie 🙂


The inside of our new room.  With Devon finishing off some tiling around the sink area.  And yes we do have our own toilet and shower which makes me very happy!


The hospitality vegetable patch area.  Michael is doing a great job growing amazing vegetables.  I have been given some space and hope I can learn to garden just as well! (I’ll keep you updated with my progress 🙂 )


The volunteer kitchen.  Where all the volunteers store our food and cook.


The thatch.  Where we come together for our team meetings.


 A farm wouldn’t be a farm without a cow right?  This is our cow and the paddock out the back behind the thatch.  In fact I am pretty sure she is pregnant and we will have a baby cow soon!


Our playful puppies Benson and Prince.


The view as you drive up the driveway into the farm.


The beautiful view looking back out the driveway.

This is Kachele Farm.  This is my new home.