Why Africa?

Welcome to my website/blog!  And thank you for taking the time to visit 🙂

Why Africa?  Is a question I have been asked many times lately, so I thought I would take the opportunity in my first post to address this question.

My heart was first stirred for Africa around 5 years ago now.  Subsequently, I have spent  the past 5 years exploring how this stirring would outwork in my life.  I read some books, started conversations with people around me, including an African colleague at the time, and was introduced to an organization called Hands at Work in Africa which upon further research and investigation into, I would find a resonance in my heart to the methods / motivations / and works of this organisation.  Hearing the founder George Snyman speak on his visit to Australia in 2010, lead to me decide to head over to Africa last year to spend 2 weeks on the ground with Hands at Work in South Africa experiencing and seeing first hand what Hands was all about.

Let’s just say as I was sitting in the plane to return to Australia at the end of the trip, I knew I was leaving a large part of my heart behind in Africa and I prayed to God ‘Please let this not be the last time I set foot in Africa.  Please allow me to come back here’.

Needless to say, that prayer has been answered and I will be heading back to Africa on February 8 to serve with Hands at Work for 2 years.

I have so many emotions, largely excitement and joy at the opportunity to spend the next couple of years investing into something I feel called to, I am totally overwhelmed at the goodness and faithfulness of God to make a way for this to occur, and also blown away by the support and generosity of family and friends who are so eager to encourage and support me in pursuing this opportunity.

So THANK YOU!  And I hope that by this blog, you can come on the journey with me and share in the adventure!

The countdown is on…75 days!!