Where has the time gone?!…its almost November!!

On arrival here in South Africa back in February, I mentioned to a friend back home how quickly the WEEKS were passing by.  She made the comment that before I knew it I wouldn’t be counting weeks but rather MONTHS, and it is so true!  I cannot believe how quickly the past couple of months have flown…and how slack I have been in getting blog posts out! So here is the attempt at giving you a catch up on some of the highlights of the last couple of months. Being part of the Regional Support Team (RST) here in South

My Swazi Kids

Leyton traveled back to Swaziland this past week and was able to check in on “my Swazi kids”, the beautiful little brother and sister who invaded my heart on my last visit.  It blessed my heart to hear they are being bathed regularly and now have clean, warm clothes.  And were beaming with smiles!  (and looking just that little bit cheeky!)      


It has taken me a while to get this blog post out. I have been wrestling with the best way to do justice to telling the stories of the people I met, the experiences we had and the ways in which God showed up in unexpected ways that were even more magnificent than anything I could have even imagined. For those of you who are unaware, Swaziland is a small country, entirely landlocked/surrounded by South Africa. It has a fairly small population; however it has the highest HIV prevalence rate in the whole world – 26% of the population. From

A little bit different…

I find myself these days sitting in meetings and smiling…life is just so different. When normal life now involves… *  Calculating down to a fine art the amount of offal required to be purchased to feed 25 more children at a care point *  Discussing more efficient ways to cook beans to use less firewood *  Calculating break-even points for chicken income generating projects and estimating chicken mortality rates :-S *  Dodging people / potholes the entire width of lanes / cows / goats / dogs / etc. every time we go for a drive *  Bucket bathing being such

Life in SA for now

As of this week I have been living in Africa for 4 months! It’s been such an amazing adventure so far and it’s hard to believe how fast the time is passing!  The first 6 weeks were spent doing an orientation program in South Africa, I was then off to Malawi for 4 weeks, followed by 2 weeks in Zambia for the Hands at Work annual celebrations, and now I have been back in South Africa for a month.  Honestly, where is the year going?! From my recent Facebook posts, I have had family and friends asking if I have