Malawi in one more sleep!

Tomorrow Mariah and I will be en-route to Malawi!  I have to share that I am very much excited by the opportunity to travel to Malawi and spend the next 4 weeks working with the local team there. In order to understand a little about what I will be doing in Malawi, I need to explain a little of the structure of how Hands at Work operates. Community Based Organisations (CBO’s) The first level of Hands at Work are the Community Based Organisations (CBO’s).  These are the Care Workers on the ground – and are my heroes! – who day

Orientation Complete! Next stop Malawi…!!

Apologies for the lack of posts these past couple of weeks.  Honestly I am not so sure where the past 2 weeks have gone!  It is incredible that we find ourselves already at the end of our 5 week orientation program.  Only 5 weeks ago we found ourselves, 8 new volunteers from all across the globe – US, UK, CAN, AUS – a group of strangers with a common passion for Africa.  5 weeks down the track we have laughed, cried, experienced ups and downs, saw things that have broken our hearts over and over again, have been impacted in

Welverdiend Community Stay

There are two stories I will share with you from our Community Stay weekend.  What was planned…and what actually occurred.  There is a phrase we often refer to in Africa – TIA or “This Is Africa”.  It’s thrown around a lot when things don’t go exactly as planned / plans change last minute / miscommunications occur that result in different outcomes to what you expected etc.  (Those who have travelled or lived in Africa will know what I mean! :-))  It’s something I have come to relax into in Africa, to not be surprised when plans change right at the