The feeling of coming home

The feeling of arriving back on African soil has been more ‘normal’ than I could have hoped for.  Yes my home will always be Sydney, Australia, however arriving back in Africa feels like I have just come back home.  I can’t describe it more than just such an ease of being here and such an excitement of what lies ahead. The trip over was incredible.  Totally blessed to be upgraded to premium economy for the flight over (thanks to my amazing Cousin Kat!) which made for a very comfortable flight on which Leyton and I could both get a bit

Endings and Beginnings

24 days until take-off!  Reflecting on a season of endings and beginnings… ENDING work in 6 more days and the reality of no longer receiving a regular monthly income Saying goodbye to beloved family and great friends, the END of being able to catch up over a coffee in the same room, share a meal, go on an adventure The scurry and bustle of final catch ups / hang outs / and squeezing in all the things you have been meaning to do for years but now there is a very limited time frame/END in which to achieve them all

Why Africa?

Welcome to my website/blog!  And thank you for taking the time to visit 🙂 Why Africa?  Is a question I have been asked many times lately, so I thought I would take the opportunity in my first post to address this question. My heart was first stirred for Africa around 5 years ago now.  Subsequently, I have spent  the past 5 years exploring how this stirring would outwork in my life.  I read some books, started conversations with people around me, including an African colleague at the time, and was introduced to an organization called Hands at Work in Africa