No surprises…

It’s been a heavy week.  There is no denying that.  It started with news that one of our children in one of our closer communities passed away.  She would have been turning 13 years old this year.  She was born with HIV, not even having a chance in life, and died of an associated illness.  It’s one of those moments where I got angry and sad reflecting on how unfair life can be.  We also found out some of the youth leaders we have been raising up in a few of our communities, have fallen back into destructive patterns of

The One

  This is my little friend Esnart*. Last Friday morning we travelled 2.5hrs south of where we stay, to visit one of our communities in the Kabwe region.  I was privileged enough to meet her and spend time visiting with her family at her home.  I posted a brief comment on Facebook with this picture but I wanted to take the time to expand on her story here. I was reminded once again that we truly serve a God of miracles.  This precious little girl, for all that has occurred in her life so far, should not be alive today.

It’s as simple and as difficult as that

This week has officially marked my 2 years in Africa; however it’s not over yet! When I made the commitment to come to serve in Africa, I gave myself a time frame that I at least wanted to commit to 2 years on the ground to be able to really dig in, invest and add value during my time in Africa. Now I have wrestled to get this update out to you, not knowing how I best communicate what I am thinking and how I feel God is leading me, and I think I was looking to have some big

Even greater things

“Spot the Mzungu!” This photo was taken last week as we launched our year here in Zambia with all our teams from across Zambia, Malawi and DRC.  These are all the amazing men and women I live, serve and work alongside of to serve some of the most vulnerable children in Africa.  I still wake up some days wondering how I got here, and what qualifies me to work alongside such spiritual giants in the faith.  Its an absolute privilege and all of these friends are very dear to my heart. So my Happy New Year is quite a bit

It has been a long time…

It has been a long time since I last wrote, and honestly maybe it’s because I have not been sure exactly what to write.   Life has a way of becoming very normal, dare I say mundane, I wake up and go to work each day and on weekends I rest, just like most normal people do. I was thinking about my usual blog posts, it’s easy to write about the highlights, the fun adventures, the exciting moments of discovering new countries, people and places. And largely that is what I have shared with you to date. But there is also